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Frequently asked questions

Those are some excellent questions you asked? Let's have a closer look at each of them.

What does Insure with us cover?
Insure with us is committed to providing you with expert advice concerning the items that you want to insure. Our first priority is to provide comprehensive cover at all times. We value our clients enough to give them the best cover at affordable rates.

We insure almost anything!

What is insurance?
Insurance is often termed a grudge purchase, we all wish we could do without it but few of us can, and certainly no business or individual should. Insurance puts you back in the same position you were before a incident occurred. Premiums are collected monthly or annually in order to pay for future claims.

Your insurance needs to be regularly updated as circumstances may change radically. It is your responsibility to ensure that all the information you give us is correct, that it remains so over time, and that you have supporting information to prove it. Disclose everything.

Is it more expensive to insure my vehicle without household contents?
Without a doubt yes! vehicle only policies in SA is very risky business, the loss ratios are very high. The chances that your vehicle is stolen or written off is 50%. Why not add household contents to your policy which spreads your risk more evenly, and you pay a lower premium on your vehicle.

For example: an average vehicle only policy is R700, by adding household contents your vehicle premium decreases to R500. Combined policy with vehicle and household contents = R500+ R150 (R650)

Why should I use a broker?
We are able to highlight better options that you otherwise would not be aware of. We also without being asked provide you with full information on what your policy covers and what it excludes, the contact details of the insurance company, the amount of your premium and whether it increases annually, what you must do when you make a claim by helping you register and add follow up service.

Can I get immediate cover with Insure with us?
Yes, after the quotation is accepted and underwritten with the insurer, you will receive a policy number.
Once the policy number is issued you have cover.

Will I always pay the same premiums?
No, most insurers guarentee a one year fix policy premium. Policy premiums are affected by various factors, location, age, regular driver, security to name a few. When one of these factors change so will your premium.
That's why we review your policy annually to avoid unnecessary frustration.

Why do some insurance companies insure for Market while you insure for Retail only?
Some insurance companies insure clients for market value. The difference can be seen in an example here below. A Hyundai Accent 1,6 GLS is illustrated and the values are obtained from the Mead & Mcgrouther.

Model      New                     Trade                  Retail                  Market
2010        R 146 900,00      R 0,00                 R 0,00                 R 0,00
2009        R 146 900,00      R 102 300,00    R 115 400,00    R 108 850,00
2008        R 142 900,00      R 85 400,00      R 98 000,00       R 91 700,00

If you drive a 2009 Hyundai Accent 1.6 GLS and you are insured for market value, you will receive a payout of R108 850,00 on total loss. Note that the Retail value is R115 400,00 (R6 550,00 difference).

That means you get paid less, if you have finance the bank will have a shortfall of R6 550,00 depending on the settlement from the bank.

If my vehicle is financed with the bank what is the right cover for me?
The moment a vehicle is financed with the bank they require that your vehicle be comprehensive insured.
Our recommendation is to insure the vehicle for retail value which is the highest amount that the bank will receive once a vehicle is stolen or written off.
Please refer the difference between retail and market value question.

Is there any benefit in installing a tracking device?
Theft and hijacking of vehicles is increasing in South Africa, one cannot afford not to have a tracking device in your vehicle. This is not only becoming a necessity, but can save you and your family's life.
There are many options available, From as little as R99 per month. Tracking units are available in cash and rental options.
Benefits of installing a tracking unit:
Reduced insurance premiums, no installation fees and peace of mind.

Who will pay out my claim?
Insure with us administrate your claim, and the underwriters are the one's that pay for the claim. Depending on whom the underwriter is!
Omnicover Risk Acceptances
Auto & General

How much will Insure with us pay out in the event of a write-off?
Write off is considered a total loss, that means in an event of a accident it will cost the insurer more to repair the vehicle. Depending on your settlement with the bank, we will calculate the difference between the bank settlement and the insured amount.

If you are insured for R50 000 and the bank settlement is R30 000 you will receive R20 000 after the claim is finalised.

The opposite is also true, if you are insured for R50 000 and the bank settlement is R70 000, you will have a shortfall of R20 000.

How do I submit a claim, and what is the procedure to follow?
Insurance is placing you in the same position you where before an incident occurred. A Claim is the procedure to put you back in the same position you where.

You have 30 days to submit a claim from the date of the incident. Every claim is different, that's why we are here to make the process as simple as possible.

To lodge a new claim, please call us on 087 807 7029 or email us

Claims are lodged electronically for your convenience.

Submit a claim

Is there an excess that I have to pay when I claim?

Depending on your policy wording we recommend you review your policy, if there is any uncertainty concerning your excess feel free to contact us we are happy to assist.

I need to replace my windscreen, will I be able to claim?
Yes! the good news is that windscreen claims do not affect your premium or your NCB Status.
For a windscreen claim please follow the claims procedure.

How does roadside assistance work?
In the event of a vehicle that needs assistance due to an accident, mechanical breakdown, flat tyre or empty fuel tank we will provide assistance. This is a 24/7 service.

Can I use my car hire whenever I want to?
Car hire is an optional service and is not included into every policy. Car hire is applicable only for total and partial loss of your vehicle depending on which option you are covered for.

In the event of an accident or stolen vehicle you can apply for car hire. Car hire is not applicable to mechanical breakdown.